An Open letter to my suicidal friend.

Dear Friend,

Trust this meets you alive and well. Before you drop your suicide note, please read this letter. I know you have been through difficult times and you think things will never get better. No one seems to understand the pain, loneliness, shame and frustration you face daily. Life can indeed be hard and I am truly sorry for everything you have been through. However, as your friend, I will not hesitate to tell you the truth…


How do I know this? “Thou shalt not kill” ( Ex 20:13, Deut 5:17). Killing yourself or anyone else, is in direct disobedience to God and the consequence is eternity in hell fire! 1 Corinth 3:18 says ” Whosoever destroys the temple of God, God will destroy”(NLT). Does it make sense, to escape the temporary heat of life, only to end up in everlasting fire?? Remember you did not give yourself life therefore, you have no right to take what is not your’s.

In my opinion, suicide is one of the greatest expressions of unbelief in God. It means you do not trust God and his love which he showed by sending Jesus to die for us. You also do not believe that God can and will turn that ugly situation for good.

You must note that Satan seems to be in a hurry to send as many souls to hell as fast as he can because, we are in the endtimes. I say this because research shows the suicide rates around the world have increased drastically.

Dear friend, God loves you and wants you to know that he will never leave or forsake you, no matter what you are going through. Even as you read this letter, the Comforter – the Holy Ghost is right there with you, to help and to heal you. It’s not over yet! No situation is so hopeless that God cannot turn it around for good. Many times the storms of life come to make us stronger and better people. Take a moment to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for help.

I love you and I pray the almighty God gives you the strength and courage to face life.

God bless you.

Sincerely your’s,


Published by Judith

A Social entreprenuer, HR professional, wife, mother and a woman of God, with a mandate to offer comfort, hope and encouragement to humanity based on my personal experiences and God's infallible word.

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